Aanchal Woman's Aid
0845 451 2547

We support women who are or have been affected by domestic abuse.

We all have strengths that we can draw from each other. Draw from our strength to support you. We know how to help. We can learn from you too as we have learnt from thousands of women who have stepped into Aanchal.

It will cost you nothing to be fully informed.
It will cost you nothing, only your time.
Talking to us is free and confidential.
We listen.

We speak 7 South Asian languages. We listen, we advise, we return your call. We don't judge. If you are not sure, do take the time to listen to another woman's story.

In 33 years, we have supported over 32000 women.

We are based in Newham and Redbridge.

I couldn’t see a way out. By my 12th session with Aanchal I felt I could breathe. I could make decisions. I want to tell everyone there are always solutions. No one is alone. Just ask for help.

―Survivor 2015

If you're not sure, please take one minute to listen to another women's story.